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South Pacific Eximport LTD.- Founded in Santa Fe, Argentina, with foreign trade performance in providing specialized genres at wholesale throughout the country and internationally, the South Pacific Eximport Ltd. - seeks growth by working in partnership with customers and suppliers to expand the sales and the best places for products and companies with which it trades and markets its products and commodities, exceeding their expectations, and emphasizing the commitment and spirit in conjunction with consistent profitability. 

The success of South Pacific Ltd. Eximport - is due to the close and trusting relationships with all suppliers and customers. 
  Our priorities are:
• Fair prices;
• Delivery within deadlines;
• Full support to the client;
• Ongoing professional and technical care;
• Cordiality;
• Respect the Community;
• Respect the environment;
Using modern technology, a network of information and constantly updated with business in all provinces of the country and reaching all over the world, South Pacific Eximport Ltd. - offers its clients a strategic partnership reliable, productive and lasting peace in these new era of global trade integration, and its main premise, the satisfaction of each and every one of its customers, adding durability, accountability and trust relationships for the future ...

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