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Soybeans or soybean (Glycine max) is a species of the legume family (Fabaceae) cultivated for its seeds, high oil content and protein. Grain and soybean products (soybean meal and oil, primarily) are used in human food and livestock. 
This species is native to China and his name (Soy) coming from Japan. It is sold throughout the world due to its multiple uses. 
The soybean crop is a very valuable if done in the context of a seasonal crop rotation, and fixing nitrogen in the soil, exhausted after having practiced intensive crops.
Yellow Soya Bean # 2
Crop: Latest & Fresh
Test Weight: (Lbs/BU) 54 Min.
Protein: 35.0% Min. 
Moisture: 13.5% Max.
Splits: 11.0% Max.
Foreign Matters: 2.0% Max.
Soya bean Other Color: 2.0% Max.
Heat Damaged Kernels: 0.5% Max.
Total Damaged Kernels: 3.0% Max.
Oil: 18.5% Min.
EQUIVALENT IN TERMS OF PROTEIN (*)                           
If a kilo of soybeans compared with a kilo of any common food, we see that the SOJA/SOY contains more protein.

The amount of protein in 1 kg of soybeans is: 

  • 2 kg of beef 
  • 5 kg of rice 
  • 3 kg of common bean 
  • 5 dozen eggs 
  • 11 liters of milk
 (*) Excerpted from the publication: "Nutrition." - INTA Buenos Aires.
Leading producers of soybeans - 2011/2012 - FAO- 
(Million Tonnes)
Bandera de los Estados Unidos Estados Unidos83,2
Bandera de Brasil Brasil74,8
Bandera de Argentina Argentina48,9
Bandera de la República Popular China China14,5
Bandera de India India


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